Is it true that .com domains are better than other types of domain names?

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When people are trying to build a website, they have to take care of a few things. Some of these things like their domain name or even the type of domain name they should select seem like simple things to them. Most people are not paying much attention to these questions, but that’s not good. It turns out that even the seemingly unimportant things can have a strong impact on the success of your future website.

When selecting a domain extension, people are facing a few different options. Most of you are familiar with the .com domain extension, but you probably know that there are many other extensions. So, it is quite logical to ask whether .com is better than other types of domain names.

In the beginning, .com was created and used for one purpose – to represent business and/or commercial sites. Nowadays, .com is the most used domain name extension. When people are talking about websites, they usually talk only about the name of the website because everyone assumes that the site ends in .com. Numerous studies and surveys have confirmed that this specific domain name extension is the best option for those who want to advertise their websites offline too.

In order to decide whether .com is the best option you have or not, you must learn more about the popular types of domain names and their extensions.

As we said before, .com is used by commercial businesses, but today there are many websites focused on other things that use this extension. Next, there is .net which is the 2nd most used type of domain name extension. This extension was created for companies and organizations related to networking. Just like .com, many websites that are not associated with networking and IT sector are using .net today.

There is a special extension created for non-profit organizations and that’s .org. A good option for those who want to create websites related to sharing information is .info. Many informative sites, blogs, and online forums have .info in their domain names. Needless to say, .edu is used by universities and schools, primarily in the United States.

It is also good to know that there are country specific domain extensions. You have probably noticed websites that end in .ca, .us, .mk, .ie etc. They are the best option for those looking to target the local market.

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