What can a domain WHOIS search tell you about the registrant?

What can a domain WHOIS search

People who want to register a unique domain name that they want to use for a website must submit certain information to the registrar. They are adding this information to the so-called domain WHOIS database which represents an online directory where sensitive information related to domain ownership is stored. Today, there are thousands of registered domain names owned by millions of individuals and organizations. Yet, only a small number of them know exactly what a domain WHOIS search can reveal about them. This is wrong because a search like this can have a significant impact on your website and on you.

According to some statistics, more than 50 million people conduct a domain WHOIS search each month. So, it’s always a smart move to learn more about the information you’ve shared with the registrar because this is publicly visible information. Now let’s see what a typical domain WHOIS database contains.

First of all, when you purchase a domain name, you will have to share your name and address. This information will become part of the WHOIS database. Of course, as a serious business owner, you have to purchase a domain name because using free domain names doesn’t look professional. In addition, this option won’t give you all the freedom that you need as a website owner.

Next, a simple domain WHOIS search will also reveal when the domain name was created. So, you may be a new owner, but the database will reveal when the domain name was registered for the first time. According to many experts, this is very important for SEO.

Of course, with the help of this search, you can also find the expiration date of a website. This is a very important issue for many people who are looking for domain names that are already registered. In case they want to purchase it, they can get the expiration date and wait for this date to come. There are cases when people forget to renew their domain names and this is where these people come into play.

In the end, in case you purchase a domain name, you should expect your personal name, address, phone and even fax number to show up in the search.

If you want to hide most of this information, you should opt for private domain registration. Namely, all it takes is a small monthly fee to keep your personal information private.

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